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UPM utilizes custom software, which allows us to keep our customers informed of the changes in the used metal stamping, fabricating and machine tool market. Not only do we inform you of our inventory, we will notify you about consignment machinery, and machines available at upcoming auctions, on current liquidations and sealed bids. Our goal is to minimize your expenditure, allowing you to obtain the machine that best meets your requirements. UPM is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) and the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA).



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James Patrona - jpatrona@universalpress.com

Tristan Patrona - tpatrona@universalpress.com

Phillip Patrona - ppatrona@universalpress.com

Sean Redmond - sar@universalpress.com

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fabtech Metal Form Show

Phillip Patrona from Universal Press & Machinery, Inc will be at Fabtech Metal Form Show in the Sutherland Presses Booth No. S4648.

Where: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
When: November 18 - 21, 2013.

We will have have presses under power for hands on inspection. You will also get to check out the NEW "I-PRESS" Color Touch Screen Control.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All Available Inventory

Check out all of our Available inventory:

For Sale: 500 Ton HPM Downacting Straight Side Hydraulic Press (M#9270)

Capacity: 500 Ton
Bed Area: 36’ x 36”
Stroke: 24”
Shut Height” 24”
Daylight opening: 48”
Top Mounted Rear Hydraulics
Link:  http://upm.universalpress.com/upm/detail.php?-u=9270

Monday, September 9, 2013

For Sale: NEW Schuler / Fagor Complete Tandem Press Line w/Automation (M#9275)

(1) Lead Press / Schuler Double Action
Total Force (nominal): 2000 Tons (20000kN)
Number of Slide Actions: 2
Table Surface; 177.3” (4500mm) LR x 98.5” (2500mm) FB
Stroke: 68.95”
Cushion Force: 600 Tons (6000 kN)
Cushion Stroke: 12,608” (320mm)
Shut Height (SDAU): 59.1” (1500mm)
Moving Bolster

(5) Secondary Presses / Fagor Single Action
Total Force (nominal): 1000 Tons (10000 kN)
Table Surface: 177.3” (4500mm) LR x 98.5”(2500) FB
Stroke: 37.036” (940mm)
Stroke Rate: 20 SPM
Shut Height (SDAU): 59.1” (1500mm)
Ram Adjustment: 24.64” (600mm)
Moving Bolster

Content of Supply:
(1) Hydraulic Leadd Press Double Action / Schuler
(5) Mechanical Follow Up Presses Single Action / Fagor
(1) Blank Destacker/Loader with (2) stations and Kuka Robot
(5) Kuka Transpressor XXL Robots for Press to Press Automation
(1) Kuka Unloading Robot, Belt Conveyor 11 x 2 m


Universal Press and Machinery

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For Sale: 60 Ton Bruderer Precision Straight Side High Speed Press (M#9266)

Serial Number: RU8611
Capacity: 60 Tons
Adjustable Stroke Range: 5/8” (16mm) - 2” (51mm)
Shut Height: 11.4”
Bed Area: 30” L-R x 25 1/2” F-B
Slide Area: 25” L-R x 16 1/2” F-B
Press Speeds: 630 - 1200 SPM

Equipped With:
BBV202/120 Feed Unit
Left to Right Feed Direction
Bruderer Control Digital Feed Display
Toledo Tonnage Monitor
Wintriss Brake Monitor

Approximate Overall Weight: 20,000 Lbs


For Sale: 60” x .187” x 30,000 Lbs Loopco Slitting Line (M#9239)

Serial Number: 689H4747

Thickness Range: .015” - .187”
Coil Capacity: 30,000 Lbs.
Pull Through Design

Shear Strength: 50,000 PSI Maximum in Steel
Hand of Line: Left to Right
Strip Width Maximum: 60” Trimmed, 62” Untrimmed
Strip Width Minimum: 12” Trimmed
Coil I.D.: 20” to 24” at Uncoiler; 20” at Recoiler
Coil O.D.: 72” Maximum, 36” Minimum

Line Speed:
Low Speed Range: 166 FPM - 600 FPM
High Speed Range: 500 FPM - 1500 FPM Maximum

Slitting Capacity:
6 Cuts: .187”
9 Cuts: .150”
10 Cuts: .135”
12 Cuts: .120”
18 Cuts: .090”
20 Cuts: .075”
(Lighter Gauges down to .015”)

Complete Line With:

Loopco L Type Coil Car
Floor Standing / Self Contained Hydraulics
48” Deck Width

Loopco Mandrel Uncoiler
4 Leaf Hydraulic Expansion
20” Diameter Mandrel
62” Mandrel Face
Sliding Base
Wichita Water Cooled Brake
Feed-Up Drive
Air Clutch
Water Cooler for Brake

Loopco Peeler / Hold Down Roll

Loopco Slitter Head
7 1/2” Diameter Arbors
Loopco Swinger Head Design
Eccentric Arbor Adjustment
Entry Pinch Rolls
2 Sets of Edge Guides
15 HP Feed-Up Drive

Loopco Scrap Winder

Loopco Recoiler
20” Diameter Drum
66” Drum Face
Overarm Seperator
150 HP Dynamatic Variable Speed Drive
Horsburgh & Scott 2 Speed Gear Box: 17.91 : 1 & 53.85 : 1 Ratio

1 Arm Exit Turnstile
76” Arm Length
Power Push-Off
Power Rotation
C-Slotted for C-Hook Removal

Operator Push Button Panels
Central Hydraulic Unit
Single Hydraulic Unit
Dynamatic Drive Panel

Detroit area warehouse location.

For Sale: Bradbury Complete “DTR” Cee & Zee Purlin Line (M#9219)

Material: Prepainted & Galvanized Steel - Grade “D”
Material Strength: 55,000 PSI Yield Min.
Material Thickness: .110” Max. (12 GA) - .059” Min. (16 GA)
Line Direction: Left to Right
Rollformer Speed: 150 & 200 FPM (2 Single Speed Drive Motors)
Cut Length: 50’ Max. - 4’6” Min (Complete) / 6” Min. with Partial Cuts (”Scoring”)

**Complete Manual, Schematics, Line Layout and Tooling Drawings Available**


Bradbury Double End Payoff Reel
Model: SR20-36
S/N: 33362
Coil Capacity: 20,000 Lbs x 36” Wide Each Side
Coil I.D.: 20” - 24”
Coil O.D.: 72”
Holddown Arm
Dual Brakes
Hydraulic Drive / Hydraulic Expansion

Bradbury Motorized Straightener
Model: RS46-5-24
S/N: 33363
Material Capacity: 24” Wide
(5) Roll Straightener
Peeler Table

Bradbury Barrier Feed Table
132” Long x 24” Wide

Bradbury Servo Feeder
S/N: 33365
Material Capacity: 24” Wide
Feed Roll Diameter: 5”, Cradon Rolls
Indramat Drive
Cabinet Style Base
Passline Height: 59 1/2”

Bradbury 150 Ton 4-Post Underdriven Cutoff Press
S/N: 33366
Die Space: 92” L-R x 27” F-B
Shut Height: 5” (SDAU)
Stroke: 1” - 3”
Desch Clutch & Brake
**Punch & Cutoff Die System - with (4) Dies**

Bradbury Pullout Roll
Capacity: 24” Wide

Bradbury Conveyors
(1) 368” Long x 24” Wide
(1) 248” Long x 24” Wide

Bradbury Rollformer - 12 Stands Each Side
“DTR” (Double-WideTelescoping Rollformer)
S/N: 33369
Single Base - Tooled For Cee & Zee Purlin
Cee Purlin Tooling (Left Side): 2” x 4” Min. - 4” x 14” Max. / 26.750” Roll Space (Drawings Available)
Zee Purlin Tooling (Right Side): 1.5” - 3.5” Min. - 3.5” x 14” Max. / 26.750” Roll Space (Drawings Available)
Spindle Diameter: 3”
Horizontal Centers: 21.5”
Vertical Adjustment: 4 7/8” - 8 7/8”
Entire Rollformer on Rails to Move From Cee Purlin to Zee Purlin
Allen Bradley SLC 500 Controls

Bradbury Side Kickoff Conveyor
40’ Long x 25” Wide


For Sale: 2000 K. R. Wilson Downacting Hydraulic Press (M#9234)

Serial Number: 2558
Capacity: 2000 Tons
Stroke: 36”
Daylight Opening: 48”
Platen Area: 120” LR x 48” FB
Distance Between Posts: 54” LR x 50” FB
Speeds: 60 IPM Rapid Close / 2 IPM Press / 52 IPM Return

Equipped With:
40 HP Motor
2000 PSI W.P.
(2) Main Cylinders: 30” Diameter Each
(2) Pullback Cylinders: 8” Diameter Each
(4) Tie Rods: 12” Diameter
Distance Floor to Bed: 24”
Back Mounted Hydraulics
T Slotted Ram Plate: 10” Thick
Shuttle Table: 120” Long x 48” Wide
Floor Standing Design, No Pit Required !!!!!

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucla321H2K0&feature=youtu.be

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 11’ L-R x 12’ F-B x 15” Above Floor
Approximate Overall Weight: 138,000 Lbs

“ Press is offered dismantled for immediate shipment from Texas location. Photos
were taken when Press was last in service“

“ All specifications are subject to verification by buyer “

For Sale: 3500 Ton Lake Erie 4-Post Downacting Hydraulic Press (M#9233)

Serial Number:3349
Capacity: 3500 Tons
Stroke: 30” (to be verified)
Daylight: 54” (to be verified)
Platen Area: 120” LR x 96” FB
Distance Between Posts: 96”LR x 60”FB
Main Cylinder: 56” Diameter
(2) Pull Back Cyinders: 8” Diameter
Tie Rods: 16” Diameter
Floor to top of bed: 31”
Top Mounted Hydraulics
Electrics with Start/Stop/Inch/Auto Mode Controls
(2) Shuttle Tables: 128” Long x 45” Wide
Rubber Pad Fluid Form Unit

“ Press is offered dismantled for immediate shipment from Texas location. Photos were
taken when Press was last in service “

“ Specifications are subject to verification by purchaser “

For Sale: 1250 Ton Fagor 4-Point Straight Side Press (M#9267)

Press Design:
Frame Design: H-Frame
Openings in Uprights: Yes
Number of Conrods/Cylinders: 4
Number of Slide Actions: 1
Table Cushion: Yes
Moving Bolster: Yes
Moving Bolster Design: Front (T - track)
Capacity: (Nominal) : 1250 Tons / (12500 kNm)
Press Table: 181.24LR x 86.68FB / (4600mm x 2200mm)
Ram: 181.24”LR x 86.68FB / (4600mm x 2200mm)
Stroke: 39.4” / (1000mm)
Shut Height (SDAU): 39.4” / (1000mm)
Strokes Per Minute: 22
Ram Adjustment: 5.91” /(1) (150mm)
Slide Ejector / Cushion: 50 Ton / (300kN) - 3.94” stroke (100mm)
Die Cushion / Table: (1) Pneumatic 100 Ton / (1000kN) - 6.107” Stroke / (155mm)
Main Drive Motor: 375.48 HP / (280kW)
Equipped With: 3D - Gripper Transfer System w/Mechanical drive

Overall Dimensions: 411.73’ / (10450mm) L x 267.92” (6800mm) W
Overall Height Above Floor: 340.81” (8650mm)